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Reiki Training Workshops

Learn To Work With The Energy Of The Universe

Reiki Level 1

We learn to heal ourselves so we can better heal others.

In Level 1 we learn to identify, feel, and work with energy. We learn how to feel the different types of energy and how to work with it for ourselves and in our environment.


Reiki Level 2

We dive deep into our being as we explore shadow work.

Identify our core values, our beliefs, and our boundaries in Level 2. Evaluate what is serving us and what is hindering us and learn to heal ourselve so we can live authentically.

You can not fix in others what is damaged in you.


Reikie Level 3

We work to identify and build our personal power.

In level 3 we learn how to cultivate and mainting our Ki. We explore how to use our personal power responsibly and ethically. We work to build and mainting our power so we can heal other without draining ourselves.


Reiki Level 1 harness the universal energy

Reiki Level 1

Prerequisite: none
Envision a universe made of pure energy: energy that can be directed and redirected. Around and through the body you can move this energy to heal and restore. The philosophies behind Reiki hold that we live in this state. Reiki is the art of channeling this universal energy. One of the most popular and versatile forms of energy work, Reiki is easy to learn but difficult to master.
First Degree Reiki is the basic introduction. It includes “tunings,” energy activating sessions which enable the student to channel Reiki energy to others. The class also covers simple lessons in physiology, history, a demonstration of a complete whole-body treatment, and a detailed description of hand positions to use on oneself and others. There is considerable hands-on practice in giving and receiving Reiki at this level.

Reiki Level 2

Prerequisite: Reiki I
2nd Degree training includes two more attunements. Reiki II goes beyond the level I to increase your attunement to the flow of Reiki. This class provides additional lessons on how energy affects the body’s physiological systems.
Level II teaches three symbols to increase Ki flow to self & clients, work on thought patterns/habits, and time-line or absentee work. At this level, the student can give treatment in about half the time it takes on the first level.
Reiki Level 2 harness the universal energy
Reiki Level 3 harness the universal energy

Reiki Level 3

Prerequisite: Reiki I & II
Reiki III furthers the work of levels I & II, with a strong emphasis on increasing the connection to powerful flows from the upper levels of the HEF (human energy field). Modern physics show us that matter and energy are interchangeable; this course addresses how to bring energy into matter. Attunements and techniques cause energy to run from the divine field of the HEF to the physical field.
We will learn these symbols and techniques: Kundalini/chakras symbol, Inner Fire symbol & self-energizer breathwork, Sui Ching purification, Microcosmic Orbit, Hu Yin & Kidney Breathwork, the Daikomyo symbol and its application in a total body session for self or client.

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